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Our Mission

Vito MargiottaVito Margiotta

Imagine a world that is fully connected; a world where technology is a truly entrepreneurial enhancer, and where non-technical users are now fully empowered as the creators of their own internet and mobile experiences. Imagine a world where everyone can be the maker of their own Internet ideas and where billions of people are able to come together and share anything and everything.

This truly fantastic dream is now closer than ever: mobile devices and emerging technologies are creating an affordable pathway to empowerment, at a speed never seen before.
Snapp wants to be the enhancer and cause of this revolution and we want you, a mobile user of a truly mobile planet, to be at the center of it.

Snapp is a mobile platform that allows you to build, manage and publish an app on your smartphone. From smartphone to smartphone, in few minutes and with no technical knowledge required, in an experience as easy as playing with Legos.

We believe in mobile first, and we focus on the places in the world where technology is just entering the everyday life and where stationary computers and laptops have never been. Those same places are an amazingly exciting place to be, where technology is frogleaping and where smartphones are taking a foothold. Snapp’s dream and mission is for the parts of the world in huge need of mobile solutions (but in great lack of technical capital) to have the ability to develop and publish content via apps and mobile experiences.

By the year 2020, two billion people are going to be online, 67% of whom are going to be from developing countries. An astounding 99% of those users in those developing countries are going to be using smartphones exclusively. We see this as an opportunity to connect people across the globe for the facilitation of business transactions as well as transaction of thoughts and tastes.

Snapp was born in the framework of a project in Singularity University in 2013, with the participation of three serial web entrepreneurs: Gabriel Gurovich (Chilean), Asaf Kindler (Israeli) and Vito Margiotta (Italian). After learning how varying types of technology can easily create abundance and access to information (especially) for emerging economies, the revolutionary idea of a platform to empower the new upcoming breed of mobile entrepreneurs had come to fruition. Snapp was born.

From restaurants and small businesses in Kenya, to artists in Argentina, to musicians in the United States, the vision at Snapp is to connect and mobilize people from all walks of life.

We are working hard to make this dream come true and we hope you will join us in the making of a truly mobile planet.

The Snapp Team