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5 Tips for Creating a Successful App for Your Small Business

Vito MargiottaVito Margiotta

Building a small business takes a lot of work and dedication. With global competition increasing every day, businesses need to find smarter ways to differentiate themselves and to constantly increase the value that they create for their customer.

Mobile apps represent a green field of innovation and give small business owners a powerful yet personal tool to connect and engage their users as well as to improve customer service and to increase sales.

While tools like Snapp allow even non technical business owners to create powerful mobile applications for their business in minutes and from their smartphone, following few guidelines can help increase the chances of success.

Here are the top 5 tips for creating a successful app for your business:


Apps are developed to improve customer service, so what better way to convey the message of customer appreciation than by offering them loyalty promotions or discounts via push notifications in your SMB app? Russell (owner of a small restaurant in Jensen Beach, Florida) said, “In the summer time, our revenue drops because all of the snow-birds are gone for the summer. I needed a way to keep the locals coming in. I created an app, pushed a loyalty card and I saw a 33% increase in sales.”


An app is only as good as the marketing for it is. So probably, the greatest tip is to include mechanisms to share your app. Put in a Facebook link so people can be drawn to your Facebook, twitter account link, or a button that legitimately shares your app. The most powerful method of advertisement is word of mouth advertising. Word of mouth advertising is used for products that don’t need to be sold to anyone because the product is that good! Share your app to get it going!


Push notifications are used by just about every app. I have an app on my phone that has to do with photography that (ever so often) sends me a push notification telling me that they have new templates or even that it’s just been awhile since I’ve used the app. Bottom line is that I was going about my day to day life until my phone vibrated and I saw the push notification. I immediately went into the app and started playing with their new features. Engagement in your small business app is crucial… and push notifications are a gigantic help.


As mentioned in before, one of the biggest reason why small businesses create apps is to improve customer service. A happy customer is a repeat customer. In your app, provide direct methods of contact. The customer will feel that they matter (because they do!) because communicating with you is just a touch away. The easier it is to get in contact, the easier it is to be personable and able to resolve customer issues. Customer interaction can go a long way in terms of success of a small business app.


The final tip is perhaps the easiest. Find your niche! With Snapp, you are able to choose the category of app that fits your small business the best. With that you can present your business as exactly what you want. Your app will be tailored to your customers as will your content. They will flow together and be a pleasurable experience for your users.

Implement all of these invaluable tips, and you will be heading quickly in the right direction of having a successful small business app. Head over to and download the app builder Google Play to start building your success story!

The Snapp Team