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Introducing the new Snapp Builder

Vito MargiottaVito Margiotta

It’s a big day here at Snapp. After 11 different beta versions, over 3500 apps built, and thanks to your precious suggestions and requests, I am extremely excited to unveil a brand new, completely redesigned and dramatically more powerful and performing Snapp App Builder!

Our aim at Snapp is to empower non technical user to build, manage and publish full feature mobile apps, in minutes and from a smartphone. Over the past 16 months we have been working extremely hard to make this goal a reality. It has been a long though and exciting and beautiful journey: we have laughed, cried, thought it was impossible to do. We have built a first version, failed and succeeded, built a second one and ten more, aiming at building a seamless app building experience of which today's release is only a part of. We have met amazing people and partners and investor and friends and mentors that brought us up in down moments, supported us in making important decisions, and celebrated with us when it was the time. We have met and learned from so many amazing users happy to help in building a better product and company and to make this needed dream a working reality.

This is such an important milestone for all of us.. Our goal for this big release (we are officially out of beta!) was to rethink and rebuild the Snapp experience from the ground up. Thanks to your suggestions and your enthusiastic support we've dramatically improved and simplified the experience, while keeping all of the great features you love.

Tailored for your needs

Every app is a solution to different need. We took extremely seriously your suggestions and completely personalized the experience depending on your end goal. Building a business app will present you a completely different experience than building an app for your blog or event.

Snapp App Builder - Categories

Realtime Style Changes

Every app needs to be inherently different from any other apps we build, and completely personalized and tailored according to your brand, needs, and tastes.
You can now browse tens of styles, and apply and see the new look and feel of your app in completely real time. No more painful waiting :)
(many more news coming on the styles! Little birds told us you will soon be able to personalise even more any available style, or build yours completely from scratch!)

Snapp App Builder - Categories

Free website

Mobile is mobile, no matter if through an app or through a mobile browser. So we decided to give every Snapp user, for free, a mobile website :) Why not?? :)

Available components

This first version of Snapp ships with 8 different components / features you can add to your application in no time. Many many more are on the way.

We love your suggestions! If you have an idea for something we should build, please do contact us anytime and we will do our best to build it and give it to you to try first :)

This is just the first step. We’re already working hard on new features, on a better app publishing experience, and on many many more capabilities you will be able to add to your application.

We live in a truly mobile planet and it is exciting to see that things that before were impossible, now are a reality. And I am so thrilled that starting today and for the very first time, every non technical users can now build, manage and publish his own internet ideas, in minutes, and from a smartphone.

Stay tuned!

Snapp CEO