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Snapp App Stories: Panko restaurant, Chile

Vito MargiottaVito Margiotta

Hola amigos! Panko is thriving on their guest dedication by implementing a user-friendly app!

Around the world, people are beginning to notice things that are becoming more visible. Although the technology world is seamlessly bursting every minute, little things such as mobile apps are becoming a part of everyday life. Walking into a burger place in Cape Town, I noticed that every table has a screen on the side. When I got to my table, the hostess gave me an iPad with their restaurant app opened. She showed me the specials on the menu section of the app and I gave my order.

Although the idea of having a "digital menu" is kind of shocker yet “futuristic” thing for me, restaurants are implementing mobile apps to offer a better guest experience to interact and connect with people more. The first time I dealt with this new interaction was at an airport bar, where I ordered drinks and paid at the same time through a mobile app. I could also browse the internet and see what mobile entertainment apps are on the iPad I used to order. My guest experience was quick and easy as these restaurant apps are made to be handy for people who are tight on time.

Other than this kind of restaurant app there are many types of mobile apps people use, from loyalty & reward program apps to ones with interactive menus! Although mobile apps can be expensive and time-consuming to create, the benefits of having a restaurant mobile app is worth the investment. Allowing a great degree of personalization, Snapp is an affordable app builder providing a platform to build mobile apps and websites fast and easy. So far hundreds of apps have been created with Snapp, and one restaurant that took advantage of this technology is Panko.

Rated #3 of all restaurants by TripAdvisor in Santiago, Chile, ” Panko is a Nikkei cuisine sushi house with a South American twist. Like many places in Japan, seating is very limited with one row in front of the sushi-making bar, which adds to a “pleasant, exotic atmosphere.” The sushi is inspired by the culinary traditions of Peru and artistic style of Japan, which makes it lovechild sensation. Offering a unique guest experience and a variety of meal options, Panko’s dedication to guests has lead to the development of their own mobile app through Snapp. The key to making a successful app is convenience, engagement potential, and long-term value.

Like Panko's website, their mobile app is very user-friendly and easy to navigate using a side-tabs. It does a great job delivering restaurant-specific content (ex: menu, pictures) and proposing convenience with information such as restaurant location on a map, and ways to contact (email or phone). The app also encourages word of mouth and keep customers engage through social media and newsletters (blogs).

As smartphones are becoming more popular and a necessity than luxury for business owners, the gap between what customers want and what restaurants offer will close in.

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