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Press Release: Announcing our partnership with Keepod

Vito MargiottaVito Margiotta

We are proud and extremely happy to announce our partnership with Keepod.
With very strong shared values of social responsibility and grassroot empowerment, and with a common view on accelerating impact and on bridging the digital divide, we expect this partnership to increase technology adoption in underrepresented communities and to enhance the use of the web for both educational and business purposes.

Keepod is easy to use, private, smart, and has the ability to transform old computers to a fast & modern Android based PC. No setup needed, no long load times, no viruses. Just boot and go.

Snapp is the world’s first platform that allows “mobile-first” users to build full feature apps from their personal smartphones in a snap, guiding them by an intuitive, simple building process.

With our combined skills we look forward to empower the billions of people that are still without access to personal computing, to be not only passive users of the web but also the creators of their own digital experiences and digital presence.

While part of a much bigger plan, activities will focus at start on a pilot for educational programs in schools in Malawi, as well as on the generation of additional impact and digital empowerment focused partnerships.

Looking forward to share the first results!
To the stars!

The Snapp Team

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