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Publishing the app

Vito MargiottaVito Margiotta

When you are happy with the results of your work and want to publish your app, you can easily do it by following the simple steps described below:

1. Start the publishing process

Tap on the "Publish" button in your apps dashboard, or on the publishing icon in the Snapp Menu.

2. Choose platform

On Choose platform page you can select among all the different available platforms:

3. Add app info

You will be redirected to the Application information page, where you should provide the following information:

After providing the information above, click again on the Next button on the bottom of your dashboard.

4. Complete transaction

Only needed if you asked for a paid option. Fill in your payment info to get to the next step.

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5. Congratulations!

After you complete your transaction, please check your email. You will be updated shortly on the status of the publishing process.

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