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What happens when Mark Zuckerberg likes your app - The story of our award winning 10 years old user from Malawi

Vito MargiottaVito Margiotta

Who says that dreams cannot turn into reality? :) This past week at Snapp something incredible happened: one of our users from Malawi who had first built his application with Snapp Builder, won the prestigious TNM Smart Challenge prize for the most promising app developer of the country. He was flown to Silicon Valley to meet Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg!

Panashe Jere at the F8 Facebook conference

As the youngest developer to attend the F8 2016 conference, ten year old Panashe Jere learned to code after attending the Children's Coding Club organized by Snapp mHub Malawi back in January 2016. Together with tens of other children, he learned how to bring his ideas to life by using both Snapp Builder and the programming language Scratch.

We are extremely happy and humbled by Panashe's success and initiative at such a young age, and we are also inspired by the impact that mobile technology is generating in the local communities of Malawi and other emerging markets.

It is an exciting time for mobile-only users as for the very first time in history, they can finally be the creators of their own mobile experiences. This mobile freedom is seen with Panashe, a ten year old can create an award winning app.

At Snapp we aim to democratize the creation of technology globally, and its the stories like the one of Panashe's that make us believe that dreams can turn into reality.