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Announcement: The Mobile-Only Conf is born

Vito MargiottaVito Margiotta

Today we are extremely excited to announce our latest initiative to spread awareness and knowledge about the mobile-only users and about the mobile-only economy.

On the 27th and 28th of May 2016, we will host the first Mobile-Only conference, in Milan, Italy.

Organized in collaboration with WIRED Italy, the conference will be housed within the magnificent Wired Next Fest 2016, and will see major national and international expert on the mobile-only economy joining us on stage for discussing about this major social and economical trend of 'mobile-only'. (stay tuned for the speaker list!:)

This is the first ever conference to focus completely about the mobile-only economy and we are thrilled to organize it.
2 billion new users will come online by 2020 and over 110 million businesses will be created in Latin America, Africa and Asia alone. It is a new world where desktop does not exist and everything revolves around the mobile device. We call it the mobile-only economy. It is a phenomenon that is changing the way we look at mobile and mobile experiences, and we believe it is key to share the knowledge and discuss about its peculiarities and users.

We are very proud of the team behind all of this (special thanks to the Wired Italy team, the Snapp team, Benedetta Arese Lucini and Rodolfo Guarino), and we cannot be more thrilled about all the leaders in the mobile space that agreed to join us.

We like to think that Mobile-Only Conf will be the reference point for the discussion about the mobile-only economy, and the gathering of its decision makers of today and tomorrow. We cannot wait for the day of the conference to arrive and hence.. Thank you for your support and see you in Milan!

Exciting times

The Snapp Team