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5 Tips to attract your first 100 users without spending any money at all [App Marketing]

Nico GalerNico Galer

Now that your amazing app is published you want people to see it. But there are millions of apps in the app stores and the number keeps on growing. One in four downloaded mobile apps never gets used, so the question is: How to step forward and attract your first 100 users?

The answer lies in great execution. Here are 5 useful tips you should think about in order to make your app successfull:

#1: Choose your target

Firstly, if you haven't done it yet, you should choose your target. Try answering these questions:

#2: Use social media

Tell all of your friends that your app is available using social media. Many of Snapp's successful users started sharing their app on social media networks. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more.

#3: Create a Facebook fan page for your app

Creating a Facebook page is very simple and the traffic that it can generate with very little effort makes this step a must. You can also integrate a Facebook page into your app (Read how to set up social media).

#4: Email your potential users

Using tools like Mailchimp or Yamm make it extremely easy to create a mailing campaign and send emails to potential new users. Send them emails with a clear proposition of what are they going to find in your app.

#5: Get feedback and improve

You can always ask for feedback from your own users using buttons on your app that drives them to forms (Read this article to learn how to do it).
Afterwards, update your app! Remember that every change you make with Snapp will automatically update in your app.

Enjoy your app!

Nico Galer

Nico Galer